Two time-related variables with identical name in MPADs

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Issue #203 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

The user can create two time-related variables with identical name in MPADs.

To reproduce this issue: 1. Create a new MPAD. 2. Add a chance node, with name X. 3. Edit node X and set "Time Slice" to 0. 4. Right-click over "X [0]" and "Create node in next slice". 5. Edit node "X [0]" and set "Time Slice" to 1.

The user has two nodes with name "X [1]", which shouldn't be allowed.

Comments (3)

  1. Miguel Ángel Artaso Landa

    The DistincVariableName constraint now checks that there are not two variables in the same time slice. Minor changes have been necessary in TimeSliceEdit and NodeDefinitionPanel classes to fix the issue.

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