States in NodeProperties are loosed when change the Variable Type

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Issue #224 resolved
Jorge Pérez created an issue

In a node with fiinte states, if the variable type (In Node properties\Domain tab) is changed between "Finite states", "Discretized", and "Numeric" and then the frame is closed (canceling the actions) the node loose its states.

1 - Open the properties of a node with finite states 2 - Change variable type to "Numeric" 3 - Return to finite states or cancel the action

If we return to "finite states" variable type, we note that the states represented are the default ones (absent/present). If we reopen the properties of the node, the list of states is empty (crashing the table of potentials too)

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  1. Jorge Pérez reporter

    Now the initial states are being saved to restore them when you change the type of the variable. Minimal changes in the structure of the class.

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