Colored cells in imposed policies of type 'Table'

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Issue #230 resolved
Miguel Ángel Artaso Landa created an issue

When the user decides to impose a policy and selects 'table' as 'relation type' and then changes a value in the table, the maximum value of the column is colored as red. The cell is colored by the class 'ValuesTableOptimalPolicyCellRenderer' of the package 'org.openmarkov.core.gui.component'. This class is used as the decision node has its Policy Type attribute set as 'Optimal'. Should the decision policy type be marked as 'Probabilistic'?

Nowadays, the PolicyType enum is coded in the package '' as follows:


public enum PolicyType {

    String name;
    int type;

    PolicyType(String name) {
        this.type = this.ordinal(); = name;

    public String toString() {
        return name;

    public int getType() {
        return type;

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  1. Miguel Ángel Artaso Landa reporter

    The color of the cells when the user is imposing a policy and selects 'table' as relation type now is green. Also, when the user asks OpenMarkov to 'Show the expected utility' the maximum value of each column is colored in green.

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