Repeated variable in TreeADD and its states

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Issue #234 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

I don't know whether TreeADDs are defined to allow a variable to appear several times in a same path from the root to a leaf. In the attached network, the GUI has allowed to build a TreeADD as appearing in the image below, where some branches are not consistent in the state values of variable A.


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  1. Francisco Javier Díez

    It does not make sense to have a node with only one outgoing branch, but currently OpenMarkov does not forbid it, in order to facilitate the edition of trees. It does make sense that a node appears more than once in a tree--see Figure 6 in However, the third A node in your figure, with states "high, medium, low", lying on the "high" branch of the second A node is clearly incorrect; OpenMarkov should never permit it.

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