Missing row in probability table

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Issue #280 resolved
Francisco Javier Díez created an issue

The row for ITU = ITU in the probability table for ITU is not shown.

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  1. Francisco Javier Díez reporter

    The problem occurs only when the last state (the one shown at the top in the list of states) has the same name as the variable. The bug can be circumvented by changing the name of the state or that of the variable.

  2. Francisco Javier Díez reporter

    Jorge Pérez wrote on 11/11/2015 15:55:

    ¿Eso quiere decir que ya has localizado el error pero aún no está resuelto?

  3. Carmen Yago

    I'm reproducing the bug and the problem occurs when there is a state with the same name as the variable, independently from the place of the state.

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