[Development branch] Unable to reopen DAN with just a utility node,

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Issue #298 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

I have created a DAN with just a utility node, I saved it, I closed it and then I tried to reopen it, but OpenMarkov in "Development branch" could not open it. It showed the next error message:

org.openmarkov.core.model.network.potential.UniformPotential cannot be cast to org.openmarkov.core.model.network.potential.TablePotential

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  1. Carmen Yago

    I have created the DAN with the utility node, saved it, closed and opened it several times and I can't reproduce the error. Everything seems ok.

  2. Carmen Yago

    I had no problem because I was using ProbModelXML 0.5.0, I have tried using ProbModel 0.2.0 and in that case the Uniform potential wasn't added to the utility node so it had no potential at all. This is why when trying to open the Potential Panel an exception was rised. Now it is fixed

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