[Development branch] Method "sumOutVariable" does not return two potentials

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Issue #310 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

We have the next Javadoc documentation in a method "sumOutVariable" of the class DiscretePotentialOperations:

  • Input Parameters:

  • chanceVariable <code>Variable</code>

  • potentials <code>List</code> of <code>TablePotential</code>

  • Return:

  • <code>List</code> with two <code>TablePotential</code>, marginal probability and new utility in this order.

public static List<TablePotential> sumOutVariable(Variable chanceVariable, Collection<TablePotential> potentials).

However, if we call this metod with the argument 'potentials' containing two instances of TablePotential such as:

  • The first element is a table whose only value is 0.0, and no variables and no criterion.

  • The second element is a table whose only value is 0.0, with a variable with a single state, and with a criterion.

Then the method "sumOutVariable" returns one potential instead of two.

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