Minor issues about exporting sampling data

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Issue #344 resolved
Francisco Javier Díez created an issue
  • "Logic sampling" (with "sampling" in lower case) should appear before "Likelihood weighting" (idem).

  • The default folder for storing the .xlsx file should be the one containing the original network (if it is saved).

  • The default name of the file should have a separator --for example, " - " (space dash space)-- between the name of the network and that of the algorithm. The second word in the name of the algorithm should be lowercase.

  • When the default language is English, the title of the message window that appears at the end should be "Message", not "Mensaje".

  • The text inside that window should be: "A spreadsheet containing the samples has been stored at: ". After "at" there must be a colon, a space and a line feed.

Some cosmetic improvements can be made in the output file. Ask Javier.

Comments (2)

  1. Iago París

    All the changes have been made. Noted that in Linux (at least) swing elements have parts that remain in English whatever the OpenMarkov language.

  2. Francisco Javier Díez reporter

    Yes, some elements of the some dialog windows (title, some buttons...) are managed by the operating system. In my case, they appear in Spanish even when I select English as the language for the interface, because I'm using Windows 10.

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