Tree/ADD potential should be allowed in this case

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Issue #357 resolved
Francisco Javier Díez created an issue

OpenMarkov should allow me to introduce a Tree/ADD potential for node Health state [1] in this network.

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  1. Jorge Pérez

    There is no Health state [1] in this network. Can you attach a network in which this error can be reproduced?

  2. Jorge Pérez

    It seems to be a corrupted network. I see that, stablishing again the links (removing both links and drawing them again) solves the problem.

    Analyzing the error deeply, I have tried to compare the “solved” version and the “original”/corrupted version. In both networks I set up a uniform potential for “Health state [1]” and I have been able to see that, in the original pgmx file, OpenMarkov has saved the potential with the role “joinProbability” instead of “conditionalProbability” (as it does in the “solved” version). I attached an image with the comparison.

    Please, if you find how has been corrupted the network (how to reproduce this corruption), let us know, describing the process.

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