Error when evaluating a very small MID

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Issue #364 resolved
Francisco Javier Díez created an issue

OpenMarkov evaluates correctly the attached MID. However, if I change the prior probability of being alive, so that P(State [0] = dead) = 1, OpenMarkov crashes. Of course, this model is useless in practice, but OpenMarkov should not crash.

Similarly, if I remove the node U, OpenMarkov crashes.

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  1. Jorge Pérez

    In this case the algorithm result is only one utility potential, given that in the method getUtility of the class VariableEliminationCore (exactly in the line 256), as the utilityPotentials size is 1, the algorithm return an UtilityPotential instead a GTablePotential with a CEP.

    I tried to remove the "else if" condition and it seems to work. Is there any case in which is important that the condition (utilityPotentials.size() == 1) must return a TablePotential?

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