Option "Absorb intermediate node" never appears in contextual menu

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Issue #382 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

Option "Absorb intermediate node" never appears in the contextual menu of a node. I assume this option should always appear, and then it would appear as enabled if its function can be applied (and disabled otherwise).

I think Iago and/or Adrián should make the option "Absorb intermediate node" appear. After that, I implement the function that returns true iff the option must be enabled.

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  1. Iago París

    I don’t have that problem. The option appears on every type of node in my OpenMarkov, which is the one just pulled from BitBucket. I add an example with an influence diagram.

    I will need more information to solve the issue. Can it be the type of the net? How can I replicate that issue?

    Send me that info, please

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