Policy imposed in a decision node disappear after saving the network and opening it again

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Issue #41 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

After imposing a policy in a decision node in an influence diagram, I save the network, closes it, and when I open it later the policy of the decision node has been lost.

I don't know if this can be problem of the parser when it saves the network, or it is instead problem of the GUI because it does not place correctly the policy in the ProbNode of the decision when loading the network.

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  1. maryebra

    As we agreed, policies are stored as potentials in a decision node, so I guess it might be because it hasn´t been implemented yet in the parser.

  2. Manuel Arias

    When OpenMarkov opens a file with a imposed policy it doesn't appear in the interfaz although debugging it appears in the ProbNet.

    The writer seems to write properly.

    Talk with me and I will explain in detail.

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