In my opinion... Unexpected behaviour of "Create network and Save as" sequence

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Issue #45 on hold
Manuel Luque created an issue

When the user creates a network, and "saves as..." it, the file open in the GUI is not the one just saved, but something like "Untitled 1". Thus, if the user decides to close the network the GUI presents the message "The network... has been modified. Do you want to save the changes?".

I think the user expects that, after "saving as...", the open file and the saved file are the same.

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  1. Manuel Luque reporter

    I suppose the behaviour explained above corresponds to "Save and reopen" sequence. I am not sure if it makes sense to maintain both options in File menu: "Save as..." and "Save and reopen".

    "Save and reopen" reminds me Elvira when it was (and it is) in a permanent unstable stage and Elvira programmers wanted to know if the last changes in the GUI warranty that the saved network could be correctly opened. However, in an stable software as OpenMarkov in my opinion, the option "Save and reopen" could be removed from the GUI, and its behaviour performed by "Save as...".

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