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Issue #65 resolved
Francisco J. Diez created an issue

In the attached network, the list of possible potentials for node "Fiebre" should include the noisy OR/AND instead of the Generalized MAX/MIN, because all the variables in this family are binary.

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  1. Iñigo Bermejo

    Is this really a major bug? If I am not wrong Generalized MAX/MIN are equivalent to Noisy OR/MAX for binary variables. If this is so, it is just a naming issue. Also, as Noisy OR/MAX are not implemented, I would rather call this an enhancement.

  2. Francisco J. Diez reporter

    The problems is that some students will be unaware that the noisy OR/MAX are particular cases of the MAX/MIN, and will complain that that the noisy OR is missing. If it will take some time to fix it, we should explain this issue in the tutorial.

  3. Iñigo Bermejo

    An easy way to sort this out would be to add the two names in the label. That is, to show these options as "Generalized Max / Noisy OR" and "Generalize Min / Noisy AND".

  4. Iñigo Bermejo

    Changed label to "OR / MAX" and "AND / MIN". Some day in the future we will have different implementations for Noisy OR / Causal MAX and Generalized MAX

  5. Iñigo Bermejo

    Only partially. We have the "OR / MAX" and "AND / MIN" labels, regardless of the number of states.

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