"Reorder variables" button in optimized policy dialog does not work

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Issue #90 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

"Reorder variables" button in optimized policy dialog does not work.

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  1. jesus_oliva

    I cannot reproduce the error using the ID given in the tutorial disease-test.pgmx: the button "reorder variables" of the node Therapy seems to work properly.

    Please, attach the ID with which the bug was detected.

  2. Francisco Javier Díez

    I have not been able to reproduce the bug, either, but I have found a related issue.

    When I compile this ID, the variables in the optimal policy for Therapy are Do test?, Symptom, and Result of test, in this order. But when I click Reorder variables, they are shown in the reverse order. The order should be the same.

    Additionally, the Reorder variables dialog displays a column containing a0, a1, a2, that should not be visible.

    Finally, when the variables are reordered, OpenMarkov does not highlight in red color the optimal choices.

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