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Issue #99 resolved
Francisco J. Diez created an issue

In the dialog for opening a dataset, the title in English should be "Open" or "Open dataset" instead of "Abrir". The "File type:" field should contain an option "All files (.)" in addition to the four specific types. This should be the default, instead of Elvira.

Other strings that should be replaced: "General" tab: Learning Type -> Learning type Interactive Learning -> Interactive learning Model Network (tab title) -> Model network Use net already opened -> Use the network already opened... Model Network: -> Model network "Preprocessing" tab: Same interval number -> Same number of intervals Intervals: -> Number of intervals: Use Model Net variables -> Use only the variables in the model network Missing Values -> Missing values Interactive learning dialog Edit Type -> Edit type Algorithm: Hill Climbing -> Hill climbing Expectation Maximization -> Expectation maximization (EM) PC algorithm: Accuracy degree -> Significance level [¡cuidado!: accuracy_degree = 1 - significance_level; hay que tenerlo en cuenta] Alpha parameter -> Alpha parameter (Laplace-like correction) Next Phase -> Next phase Tipo edición -> Tipo de edición Edit Type -> Edit type

The default for learning type should be Interactive, as it is expected to be used more often (not only by our students, but also by most researchers) than Automatic. Additionally, it is always to click Run thus making the learning (almost) automatic.

When the option for a variable is "Do not discretize", the number of intervals should not be active.

When a network has been learned and the learning dialog is opened again, this dialog should remember the datasets that was used the first time.

The learning dialog should be wider (today's screen are in general very wide) trying to avoid as much as possible the trimming of strings, mainly in the Preprocessing tab.

The dark blue that colors the cells in first row of suggested edits should be lighter, to increase the constrast with the content of those cells.

When the learning algorithm has finished, the Run button must be inactive.

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