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Contributing your code to OpenMarkov

If you have written an extension for OpenMarkov in the form of a new subproject, please contact us and we will consider the possibility of including it in the "official" releases.

In some cases, we will allow external developers to modify OpenMarkov's existing modules (subprojects). In this case, the process is as follows:

  1. We grant the developer read access to the subprojects he/she is going to modify. This way he/she will be able to download the Java code from our bitbucket repository using a Mercurial client.
  2. It is recommended that he/she creates a branch of the subproject in his/her own Bitbucket repository, using Mercurial, as explained here; this way he/she will have a control version system and, when he/she wishes, the developers at the CISIAD will be able to examine the new code.
  3. Once the code is approved by the developers at the CISIAD and the contributor signs a distribution agreement licence, the contribution will be merged with the "official" code.

In exceptional cases, external developers will be given access to the main version (trunk) of OpenMarkov, as if they were internal developers. In this case, they should respect carefully the working methodology.