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Welcome to Cistrome Project Developer Wiki

Cistrome is defined as the set of cis-acting targets of a trans-acting factor on a genome scale. Our Cistrome project is to integrate ChIP-chip/seq data on cistrome and standard analysis pipelines and provide users a userfriendly, powerful and flexible web interface to access the data and pipelines.

Cistrome project has two major components -- Data Collection (DC) module and Analysis Pipeline (AP) module. The DC module aims to manage the public available ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq data sets we collected from publications. The aim for AP module is to organize the data and analysis tools in a pipeline for user, and provide user a dry-lab workbench to process their own private data. Users can choose and package their private data and publish them into Cistrome later. We use Galaxy as the backbone, and embed 29 tools for data preprocessing, gene expression analysis and integrative analysis into it.

A public Cistrome server can be found at

For Developers

Please read the tutorial for installing Cistrome on your server.

And more documents for installing or configuring a Galaxy instance can be found at Galaxy wiki.