Scott Nixon committed 48a0364

Updated the copy and layout just a bit

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 #container {
     margin: 1em auto;
-    width: 600px;
+    width: 610px;
 footer div a {
     margin: 0.5em;
+.herb {
+color: green;}
   <div id="container">
-      <h1>Lindsay Nixon</h1>
+      <h1>Lindsay S. Nixon</h1>
       <p class="mission">
-	Lindsay Nixon is the <a href="">Happy Herbivore</a>. Best selling author of 
-	<a href="">"The Happy Herbivore Cookbook"</a>. Consulting Chef.
+	Lindsay S. Nixon is the <a href="">Happy Herbivore</a>. A Healthy Chef and Best selling author of 
+	<a href="">The Happy Herbivore Cookbook</a>. She is also a Consulting Chef at <a href="">La Samanna Resort</a>. Her second cookbook, <a href="">Everyday Happy Herbivore</a>, is due in stores Dec 2011.
       <p class="mission">
+	chef <span class="herb">/</span> ex-lawyer <span class="herb">/</span> entreprenuer <span class="herb">/</span> writer extraordinaire
     <div id="main" role="main">
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