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      <li id="mellow_head"><a href="/" target="_self">mellow meals</a></li> 
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    <blockquote>Mellow Meals will feed you 5 healthy meals, for less than the average cost of eating-out once; and we deliver.</blockquote>
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	<img width="550" height="400" src="images/corn-cowder.jpg">
      <div class="yui3-u-1-3 food-info">
	  <li><h1>Chipotle Roasted Corn Soup</h1></li>
	  <li class="sec-tier"><input type="text" value="3"> 14oz. - Serves 1</li>
	  <li class="sec-tier"><button type="button">Add to Cart</button></li>
	  <li class="third-tier"><strong>Description:</strong> Sweet and velvety, roasted corn soup with a hint of 
	      chipotle. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consector adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt.</li>
	  <li class="quad-tier"><strong>Ingredients:</strong> roasted corn, non-dairy milk, chipotle powder</li>
	  <li>Main | Nutrition</li>

      <div class="yui3-u-1-2">
	<h1>Smokey Black Bean Enchiladas</h1>
	<img width="350" height="250" src="images/smokey-beans.jpg">

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    <footer class="yui3-u-1">
      <li>Mellow Meals Copyright 2011</li> | <li>Follow us on Twitter</li> | <li>Join us on Facebook</li> | <li>Contact Us</li>