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Ants Aasma  committed bc625a3

add with_only_columns to Select to allow for removing columns from selects

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File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/expression.py

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         s._froms = s._froms.union(_from_objects(column))
         return s
+    def with_only_columns(self, columns):
+        """return a new select() construct with its columns clause replaced with the given columns."""
+        s = self._generate()
+        s._raw_columns = [
+                isinstance(c, _ScalarSelect) and c.self_group(against=operators.comma_op) or c
+                for c in
+                [_literal_as_column(c) for c in columns]
+            ]
+        return s
     def where(self, whereclause):
         """return a new select() construct with the given expression added to its WHERE clause, joined
         to the existing clause via AND, if any."""