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File ratemyflight/project_template/templates/base.html

 	<div id="wrapper">
 		<div id="message">
 		    <a class="close" href="#" onClick="$(this).parent().hide(); return false;">X</a>
-			<h2>We need your flight data!</h2>
+			<h2>We need your flight info!</h2>
-			    Send a tweet with the hashtag <strong>#ratemyflight</strong> and give your 
+			    Send a tweet using the hashtag <strong>#ratemyflight</strong> and give your 
 			    flight a score out of 10. For example if you flew British 
 			    Airways <strong>(BA)</strong> flight <strong>227</strong> from 
 			    Sydney <strong>(SYD)</strong> to Los Angeles <strong>(LAX)</strong> 
-			    and gave it a rating of <strong>8</strong> you'd tweet:
+			    and rate it <strong>8</strong> out of 10 you'd tweet:
                 BA227 SYD LAX 8/10 I really enjoyed this flight! #ratemyflight