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    <title>Rate My Flight - Global, passenger created flight ratings</title>

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		<div id="message">
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			<h2>We need your flight info!</h2>
			    Send a tweet using the hashtag <strong>#ratemyflight</strong> and give your 
			    flight a score out of 10. For example if you flew British 
			    Airways <strong>(BA)</strong> flight <strong>227</strong> from 
			    Sydney <strong>(SYD)</strong> to Los Angeles <strong>(LAX)</strong> 
			    and rate it <strong>8</strong> out of 10 you'd tweet:
                BA227 SYD LAX 8/10 I really enjoyed this flight! #ratemyflight
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				<h1 class="logo">Rate My Flight</h1>
			<ul id="nav">
			    <li class="active"><a href="{% url home %}">Home</a></li>
			    <li><a href="{% url about %}">About</a></li>
			    <li><a href="{% url api %}">API</a></li>
				<li><a href="">Rate a flight</a></li>
			{% block main %}{% endblock %}
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			<p>This site powered by <a href="">Django</a>, 
			produced by <a href="">Team Citrus</a> as part of
			<a href="">Django Dash 2010</a>. 
			Follow us on twitter <a href="">@ratemyflight</a></p>
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