This project has stopped maintenance.

You can also check the succeeding project Lolinote in here

LoNote Personal Notebook

LoNote is a personal note-taking software base on python3 and modern browser.


  1. Minimized interface.
  2. WYSIWYG Editing.
  3. Flexibility: All HTML format can be used. Include embedded youtube, third part javascript library. etc.
  4. Insert & manage resources.
  5. Hierarchical notebook.
  6. Full-featured search engine: Include individual column search, time search, AND OR NOT operation. etc.
  7. Pure open data format.
  8. Extra sections for each papers (like talk page in wikipedia).
  9. Cross platform: LoNote server can run on Windows and Linux.
  10. Can run server & client on different device.

Live Demo Site

LoNote Demo Site

You can try and play in there. If can not access, please notice me.


  • Windows / Linux
  • Python >= 3.3.1
  • A modern browser

Compatible Browser

  • Chromium >= 26: Fully compatible
  • Firefox >= 17: Fully compatible
  • Opera >= 16: Look like fully compatible, but not tested too much.
  • Firefox & Chrome for android Looking good, but when close tab or program, it will not auto-save. Please click the save button manually. Need more test.

How to run?

Execute lonote.py (or lonote.exe when using windows binary package) under the program folder.

Configure File?

config/lonote/configure.ini is what you want!

In here, you can enable some sweet things like permission control. etc. *(^_^)*

On the other hand, config/lonote/static/custom/custom.css can change appearance of LoNote. Just try it!

Those files will be auto generated if they are not exist.

Help me Translate!

Please download the lonote.pot file (under the source code folder) and use any gettext translate program like poedit to translate it.

When you done, please notice me! Thank you so much ^_^/


Apache License 2.0 (see LICENSE file)