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What Is A Circle Window Frame?

Circle Window Frame, additionally referred to as round home windows, can deliver a room a different appearance and upload architectural hobby to a domestic.

Some spherical home windows are big sufficient to update trendy double-hung home windows, a few paintings as small accents and others are partial rounds that cross over a rectangle window to create the phantasm of an arch. Round home windows may be constant or operable and paintings with severa layout patterns.

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Types of Circle Window Frame

  • Quarter spherical home windows.
  • Half spherical home windows.
  • Elliptical home windows.
  • Chord home windows.
  • Oval home windows.

Many kinds of circle home windows may be blended with new transom home windows or doorways to create an arch effect.

Although circle home windows supplement many types of houses, they appearance mainly at domestic on a Victorian coastal rambler. Many house owners deployation them at the very best factor in their homes, simply underneath the roof’s peak, giving those areas a quaint, vintage feel.

Round home windows can include grilles, ornamental frames, or maybe stained glass, considering that those pint-sized portholes provide a superb possibility to feature a layout announcement piece to your property. It can be beneficial to discover a nearby window installer that will help you determine at the pleasant window patterns for your property’s layout.

There also are half-spherical, quarter-spherical, elliptical, and half-elliptical. You can location those patterns atop a trendy rectangle window to create an arched appearance.
How Much Do Circle Window Frame Cost?

Circle Window Frame are available in many sizes, which impacts the price. A small constant spherical window may be as low as $200, however large ones exceed $1,200. Round home windows are a great deal extra luxurious than a trendy unmarried or double-hung option.

The maximum not unusualplace length for spherical home windows is 24-36 inches in diameter.

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Round Windows: Pros and Cons

Round home windows can upload architectural hobby to your property and paintings in tight areas. But an average spherical window doesn’t open.


  • Come in lots of sizes – You should buy spherical home windows large sufficient to update a trendy double-hung window and small sufficient to paintings as an accessory for your closet.
  • Energy green – Since maximum spherical home windows don’t open, they have got a tight, energy-green seal and aren't at risk of leaks.
  • Add architectural detail – If you need to feature an accessory to your property, spherical home windows will upload hobby.


  • Most don’t open – Most spherical home windows are stationary, that means they don’t open.
  • Expensive – Circular home windows value extra than trendy unmarried or double-hung home windows.
  • Secure – If you’re searching out home windows a burglar can’t smash into, spherical home windows are difficult to interrupt and climb through.

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