SSS : Satan Summoning Simulator

Made at the Global Game Jam Berlin 2016.

Combine items to get new items. Finally, you can summon Satan. The game has 3 different endings.


Concept and Game Design: Arisa Matzanke
Art: Alpha Rats + Kirill Krysov + Ruth Bosch
Music: AXL OTR
Code: Christiaan Janssen
Game Engine: Löve2D

Installation Instructions

1. Unpack the zipfile for your platform.
2. Run the executable you will find inside.

Special keys

The game is controlled with the mouse. During the game, you can use these special keys at any time:

F1 - Switch fullscreen
F5 - Reset game
ESC - Exit game


Creative Commons 3.0 NonCommercial Attribution Share-alike (CC-NC-BY-SA)

Third party content

Sounds from by the following users:

reinsamba, RICHERlandTV, toiletrolltube, Augdog, Speedenza, Leady


She Devil by Swimmingbell

Berlin, January 2016