Abstract local multiplayer infinite runner survival game

Made at the Berlin Mini Game Jam October 2015


Avoid the obstacles of your same color. Adjust your size to fit in the gaps. Narrower shapes make obstacles faster. Last surviving player wins.

Up to 4 players. Single player practice mode included.

Accepts keyboard input and/or gamepad controllers.


F1 - toggle fullscreen (borderless window mode)
Shift+F1 - toggle fullscreen (normal fullscreen mode)
F2 - pause/unpause music
F3 - reset game (go to splash screen)
F4 - toggle sound
F5 - toggle vsync (adjust this if the game doesn't display smoothly, depends on your monitor)


Visual Design:  Denice Wagner & Tommy Friese
Music & SFX:  Norman Ritter
Code:  Christiaan Janssen

Game engine:  [Löve2D](htt://
License (Code): [GNU GPL V3.0](
Music: "Master of the Universe" copyright Alpha Boy 2012 (
License (Other Assets):  [CC-BY-SA 4.0](