Christian Kellermann committed b22ff31

Add image resources

This allows the usage of PNG sprites with the new procedure
blit-image. blit-image can be used on resources defined with the new
define-resource procedure. Images can be scaled (around the original
center) and provided with an offset for moving tiles automatically
when placing. This is used for tilesets that have an "empty"
background above for stackable items.

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Files changed (2)

  (maintainer "Christian Kellermann")
  (category graphics)
  (license "BSD")
- (needs cairo clojurian sdl)
+ (needs cairo clojurian matchable sdl)
  (files "doodle.setup" "doodle.scm" "doodle.meta"))
 (module doodle
+         blit-image
+         define-resource
 (import chicken scheme)
-(use (srfi 1 4 18) cairo data-structures extras sdl clojurian-syntax)
+(use (srfi 1 4 18) cairo data-structures extras sdl clojurian-syntax matchable)
 (define font-color (make-parameter (list 0 0 0 1)))
 (define font-size (make-parameter 12))
 (define add-sprite! update-sprite!)
+;; blitting tiles in
+(define *resources* '())
+(define-record img-res name file surface w h x-offset y-offset scale-factor)
+(define-record-printer (img-res i out)
+  (fprintf out "#,(img-res ~a ~s ~ax~a px (~ax~a) x ~a"
+           (img-res-name i)
+           (img-res-file i)
+           (img-res-w i)
+           (img-res-h i)
+           (img-res-x-offset i)
+           (img-res-y-offset i)
+           (img-res-scale-factor i)))
+(define (define-resource name type file . data)
+  (when (not (file-exists? file))
+    (error "Resource does not exist " file))
+  (match type
+         (#:image
+          (let* ((s (cairo-image-surface-create-from-png file))
+                 (w (cairo-image-surface-get-width s))
+                 (h (cairo-image-surface-get-height s))
+                 (offset? (and (not (null? data))
+                              (>= (length data) 2)))
+                 (x-off (if offset? (car data)))
+                 (y-off (if offset? (cadr data)))
+                 (scale-factor (and (= (length data) 3)
+                                    (caddr data))))
+            (set! *resources*
+                  (alist-update name (make-img-res name file s w h x-off y-off scale-factor)
+                                *resources*))))
+         (else (error "Unkown resource type " type))))
+(define (blit-image name x y)
+  (let ((img (alist-ref name *resources* equal?)))
+    (unless img
+      (error "No resource found with this name " name))
+    (let* ((scale (img-res-scale-factor img))
+           (scale (if scale scale 1))
+           (t (/ (- 1 scale) 2))
+           (x (+ x (* t (img-res-w img))
+                 (img-res-x-offset img)))
+           (y (+ y (* t (img-res-h img))
+                 (img-res-y-offset img))))
+      (doto *c*
+            (cairo-save)
+            (cairo-translate x y)
+            (cairo-scale scale scale)
+            (cairo-set-source-surface (img-res-surface img) 0 0)
+            (cairo-mask-surface (img-res-surface img) 0 0)
+            (cairo-restore)))))
 ;; Event stuff
 (define (translate-mouse-event type event)
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