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 inspiration from the LUA Löve framework, making it easy to do
 animations and move sprites around.
-Doodle comes with a sprite detection mechanism.
+Doodle comes with an experimental sprite detection mechanism.
 To install doodle you can use CHICKEN schemes chicken-install tool:
 $ chicken-install doodle
-See the tennis game for an example. You can grab tennis from bitbucket:
+- The tennis game has been the first game written in doodle. You can
+  grab tennis from bitbucket:
+- A graphical game of life has been published at:
+- A turtle graphic system drawing lindenmayer plants has been published at:
+If you know about other programs written with doodle, please let me
+know, so I can add them to this list!
 Doodle is available under the BSD license.