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This if "FT-Jam", a simple derivative of the Jam build tool, based and
100% compatible with Jam 2.5. See for more

This is a non-official release of FT-Jam, dubbed 2.5.1 at the moment.

Note that you'll find the original Jam README in the file README.ORG

Installation on Unix (and Cygwin):

Unlike Classic Jam, this release can be installed with traditionnal Unix
commands, i.e.:

  ./configure <options>
  make install    (may need to be root)

at the moment, only the 'jam' executable is installed in $prefix/bin.
we'll try to install the documentation and convert it to manpages later,
if time permits.

If the './configure' command doesn't work, do the following, you might
have a working source release that wasn't packaged for distribution. You
can get it to install normally doing the following:

  chmod +x configure
  chmod +x yyacc
  cd builds/unix
  cd ../..

  ./configure <options>
  make install

Installation on Win32:

We provide a few build scripts for various compilers on Win32. In all cases,
this will generate an executable named 'jam.exe' within the bin.ntx86

  Visual C++:        
    nmake -f builds\
  Borland C++:       
    make -fbuilds\
    make -f builds/

  Digital Mars:
    make -f builds\

    make -f builds/

Copy the executable to your path.

Note that the Mingw and Cygwin builds produce different executables !!
the first one will only work correctly on the Windows command line, while
the second one will only work on a Unix shell (e.g. Bash).

Installation with Jam or FT-Jam:

If you already have a previous version of Jam or FT-Jam in your path, simply
invoke it from the root directory. This will generate the 'jam' or 'jam.exe'
executable in a directory named 'bin.<system>', where '<system>' depends
on your platform, e.g.  bin.linuxx86, bin.ntx86, etc...

Differences with Classic Jam:

Sorry, there is no official documentation at the moment. You can however
parse the 'Jambase' file, since documentation comments have been added to
all important rules.


Please report problems to the Jam mailing list (
We'll try to create a FT-Jam specific list in the future.