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HuGo for Dingoo Native and OpenDingux


Dingoo button -> PCE button

  • Y - SELECT
  • X - RUN
  • A = I
  • B = II
  • SELECT bring up emu menu
  • START bring up on scren keyboard, mostly useful when browsing files, can jump to files begining with "T" (down-left on dpad then A)

See for an old 2 button pad.

See the HuGoFAQ for install notes.

Builds for Dingoo native of HuGo an emulator for Based on Dingux-HuGo which in turn is based on HuGo v 2.12, more information on Hugo from:

Built using

GEMEI X-760+ support is in the source code via the define GEMEI_X760. Binaries available via gsoft, see,2910.msg26731.html#msg26731

Differences to (OLD) Dingux version

NOTE the OpenDingux build from this site includes these changes/fixes

  • font width correct for game name display
  • default clock speed is "normal" 336Mhz (not 400), can use 336 or the multiples of 10 that the Dingux version supports
  • Different on screen location for 'Game:' romname text, bottom right.
  • includes a demo PD rom
  • default screen render is as fast as possible (not full screen) (useful for lower clock speeds)
  • audio rate is 22Khz for performance; fastest option next to disabling audio
  • added 'saving' notice when saving state
  • added more save slots (9 instead of 5)
  • load rom file manager can show more than 28 characters of the ROM file name
  • According to Rondoo of Blood Iso runs under Dingux Hugo, but not in the native (ISO under native hasn't been tested)