Welcome to Dingoo-Write

Written by Ludovic.Jacomme also known as Zx-81 (zx81.zx81@gmail.com).
Dingoo port by clach04


  Dingoo Write is a simple ASCII text editor, nothing compared 
  to Open office, but good enough to edit any text file 
  (even big files) on your DINGOO.

  This package is under GPL Copyright, read COPYING file for
  more information about it.

  Special thanks to Gruso for those beautiful background images !


2.1 - Virtual keyboard

In the editor window, press Select to open/close the On-Screen keyboard.

Use Analog stick to choose one of the 9 squares, and use Y, A, X and B to
choose one of the 4 letters of the highlighted square.

Select  Disable virtual keyboard
L/R     Navigate between different keyboard panels 

2.2 - Standard keys

When the virtual keyboard is off then the following mapping is done :

  Up          Move cursor up
  Down        Move cursor down
  Left        Move cursor left
  Right       Move cursor right
  X           Backspace
  Y           Delete
  A           Space 
  B           Return
  Menu        Menu
  Select      Virtual keyboard

  L+Up        First line
  L+Down      Last line
  L+Right     End of the line
  L+Left      Beginning of the line

  L+Menu      Help

  L+X         First line
  L+B         Last line
  L+Y         Beginning of the line
  L+A         End of the line
  R+Up        Page up
  R+Down      Page down
  R+Left      Word left
  R+Right     Word right

  R+Menu      Selection mode

  R+X         Copy
  R+B         Cut
  R+Y         Rewrap paragraph
  R+A         Paste

3.3 Touch screen

  This version of DingooWrite does NOT support a touch screen
  (there is no touch screen on Dingoo; A320/A330/GA330).

3.3.1 - On the virtual keyboard panel

  Using the touch screen you can click on the letter you want, and drawing a
  line vertically or horizontally (on the virtual keyboard screen) you can
  navigate between the different keyboard panels.

3.3.2 - Editor menu 

  The touch screen can be used to move the cursor on a position
  with a simple click. And then you can :

  draw a line up    : page up
  draw a line down  : page down
  draw a line left  : first column of the current line
  draw a line right : last column of the current line

3.3.3 - Main menu

  You can select the line you want and click to select 
  the option you want.

3.3.4 - File requester menu

  You can use the virtual keyboard as previously described.
  If you press the touch screen in the first line, current selection
  goes up, and if you press the touch screen in the last line, current
  selection goes down. You can draw a line left / right to do page up / down.
  You can open the file you want by a simple click.

3.3.5 - Help menu

  draw a line up/left     : page up
  draw a line down/right  : page down

3.3.6 - Settings menu

  You can select the line you want and click to select 
  the option you want. Just click on left or right part of the menu
  option name to respectively decrease or increase its value.


The editor menu let you change colors and some other options.  If you want to
change the background or foreground color in the editor window or to toggle
between DOS mode (with \r\n characters for cariage return), to expand
tabulations etc ...
WARNING: This editor will replace all tabulation by spaces when the expand tab
option is set. You can specify the number of spaces in options menu.

  It has been developped under Linux FC9 using gcc with Dingoo SDK. 
  All tests have been done using a Dingoo with Dingoo (release 20090916)
  installed To rebuild the homebrew run the Makefile in the src archive.