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Dingoo native, now supports browsing MiniSD, parent directory button toggles drive when at root.

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     if(up) {
       check_last = 0;
+      /* toggle between A: and B: drive - NOTE case sensitive checks */
+      if(!strcmp(path, "A:\\") || !strcmp(path, "B:\\")){
+        path[0] = path[0] == 'A' ? 'B' : 'A';
+        getDir(path);
+        sel=0;
+        for(i=0; i<nfiles; i++) {
+          if(!strcmp(oldDir, sortfiles[i]->d_name)) {
+            sel=i;
+            top=sel-3;
+            break;
+          }
+        }
+      }
+      else
+#endif /* DINGOO_NATIVE */
       if(strcmp(path, DIRSEP )){
         p=strrchr(path, DIRSEP_CHAR);
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