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Hardware Tester

This is a PyGame based test tool. Currently tests:

  1. buttons
  2. first analog joystick (stick 0), on GCW0 analog nub
  3. second analog joystick (stick 1), on GCW0 GCW0 motion sensor, NOTE requires gsensor OPK to have been installed and started
  4. simple screen test (see note below about single pixel border)
  5. sound

See screen shots below for buttons and sound test.

Button testing automatically stops after 10 seconds if no button/joystick has been moved in the last 10 secs and audio testing starts.

Analog stops testing after 10 secs of no joystick movement or by pressing SELECT (Escape). Deadzone can be adjusted in analog test mode with D-pad (cursor keys) and A, B, X, and Y buttons.

Sound can be tested alone by running with a parameter, e.g. "python sound".

Sample images:

First test for GCW Zero device (note time in center is the time from the system clock).


NOTE 1 black border is added for clarity, the white one pixel border is at the edge.

NOTE 2 if a file called gcw0.png is present it will be loaded as a background image.

GCW Zero again with some buttons that have been pressed, and some actively pressed.


GCW Zero again with some buttons that have been pressed, and some actively pressed, this time with the analog stick being moved.


Audio/sound testing.


NOTE if a file called wallpaper.png is present it will be loaded instead of a blank/black background.

Future Ideas

  1. Implement microphone test
  2. Implement various screen tests, e.g. cycle color of screen, test patterns like
  3. Config files for buttons and button placement