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prepare for 2.5.2rc3

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-Welcome to Jython 2.5.2 rc2
+Welcome to Jython 2.5.2 rc3
-This is the second release candidate of the 2.5.2 version of Jython.
-The major difference to rc1 is a fix for better IPython support.
-We still hope that there won't be many more release candidates, but this
-will depend on bug reports.
+This is the third release candidate of the 2.5.2 version of Jython.
+It contains the most important bug fixes since 2.5.2 rc2.
+We believe that this is the last release candidate before the final 2.5.2 release!
 This release fixes bugs related to resource leaks, Java integration,
 and a number of other issues. See the NEWS file for more details. In
         <property name="PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_SNAPSHOT" value="170"/> <!-- 0xAA -->
         <!-- The current version info -->
-        <property name="jython.version" value="2.5.2rc2"/>
-        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.5.2rc2"/>
+        <property name="jython.version" value="2.5.2rc3"/>
+        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.5.2rc3"/>
         <property name="jython.major_version" value="2"/>
         <property name="jython.minor_version" value="5"/>
         <property name="jython.micro_version" value="2"/>
         <property name="jython.release_level" value="${PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_GAMMA}"/>
-        <property name="jython.release_serial" value="2"/>
+        <property name="jython.release_serial" value="3"/>
         <condition property="">
             <isset property="snapshot.revision" />