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Release labels for 2.5.0 final.

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 Jython NEWS
+Jython 2.5.0
+  The same as rc4.
 Jython 2.5.0 rc4
   Bugs fixed
     - [ 1354 ] core language failures in interactive interpreter
-Welcome to Jython 2.5rc4
+Welcome to Jython 2.5.0
-This is the fourth release candidate of the 2.5 version of Jython.  Many bugs
-are fixed in this release, and the regression tests now pass on Windows.  See
-the NEWS file for details.
+This is the final release of the 2.5.0 version of Jython and brings us up to
+language level compatibility with the 2.5 version of CPython.  This release has
+had a strong focus on CPython compatibility, and so this release of Jython can
+run more pure Python apps then any previous release.  Please see the NEWS file
+for detailed release notes.
 The release was compiled on Mac OS X with JDK 5 and requires JDK 5 to run.
         <property name="PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_SNAPSHOT" value="170"/> <!-- 0xAA -->
         <!-- The current version info -->
-        <property name="jython.version" value="2.5rc4+"/>
-        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.5rc4"/>
+        <property name="jython.version" value="2.5.0+"/>
+        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.5.0"/>
         <property name="jython.major_version" value="2"/>
         <property name="jython.minor_version" value="5"/>
         <property name="jython.micro_version" value="0"/>
-        <property name="jython.release_level" value="${PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_GAMMA}"/>
-        <property name="jython.release_serial" value="4"/>
+        <property name="jython.release_level" value="${PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_FINAL}"/>
+        <property name="jython.release_serial" value="0"/>
         <condition property="">
             <isset property="snapshot.revision" />