Barry Warsaw committed b195dbf new registry key, defaults
to true (hmm, should it default to false?) which controls whether
non-public members can be accessed from Python.

Added example python.path which is what I use on Unix

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 # This default registry sets many common options to their default values
 # All of these settings could be erased with no change in behavior
-# This is how I set my path on my Windows development machine
+# This is how Jim sets his path on his Windows development machine
+# This is how Barry sets his path on his Unix development machine
+#python.path = /home/bwarsaw/projects/python/pristine/Lib
+python.path = .
 # Set the directory to use for caches (currently just package information)
 # This directory should be writable by the user
 # This might be helpful on systems without system-level threads
 python.console.poll = false
+# Setting this to false will allow JPython to provide access to
+# non-public fields, methods, and constructors of Java objects. = true
 # Setting this can either add new modules to builtins or override package names
 # A good example would be to use a jni version of os for more functionality
 # Form is name:package -- if package is ommitted, org.python.modules is assumed