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Jython Old Fork

Unsupported (friendly) fork of Jython 2.2 code, to modernize it so it runs under Windows 7 and includes a few 2.3/2.4 standard modules to aid in backporting scripts to run under 2.2.

This is a quick wiki for some old ports/forks of Jython.

Main things are:

  • Patched jython 2.2.1 for Java 1.4 - support more modern Windows operating systems and Python code; Windows 7, 8 and 10 support, adds libraries to make running code easier (e.g. logging, shlex.split(), optparse/optik, and Decimal) - see for how to build a new jar file
  • Patched jython 2.5.1 for Java 5 - remove PyDoc, pydoc as included with 2.5.1 does NOT work, causing failures with things like CherryPy if it finds a pydoc implementation (it works fine if its missing, it expects it to work if it is present). This was built by hand by removing pydoc.

Get pre-built jar files from

NOTE code in this repo is not synced (regularly/at-all) with upstream. Upstream could be:

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