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 # Logitech Unifying-tools
 Misc tools for dealing with **Logitech Unifying Receivers** as used for wireless mice and keyboards (etc.). Allows Linux to pair Logitech Unifying Receivers with new devices. Should work with Mac OSX and Windows too. Start here https://bitbucket.org/clach04/logitech-unifying-receiver-tools/wiki/Home Basically pools together all the tools and notes on tools for Logitech Unifying receivers and devices.
-## PyUnify
-Python tool
+## portable_unify_pairing_tool
+Portable, pure Python script that relies only on PyUSB.
 ## pairing_tool
 A little command line tool written in C (so it needs some compiling).
-## portable_unify_pairing_tool
-Python tool
+## PyUnify
+Python script, Linux only.