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READNE update for native dingoo

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 You can move, copy, rename and delete directories also.  Especially,
 be careful when you delete a directory.
-Copying is *very* slow.  I wouldn't recommend to copy large files.
-But moving is not so slow.
 After executing some file by SELECT+A, system doesn't go back to
 Dingoo Native Notes
-Currently only the following features are implemented:
   * Directory browsing (internal and MiniSD card, go to parent 
     of A: and B: to switch disk view)
-  * copy
-  * (file)info - NOTE timestamps not implemented
-  * delete file
-  * mkdir/create directory
-Not implemented:
-  * (disk)info - needs implementing
-  * rename - rename in non app dir fails due to lack of chdir (or abspath code) 
-  * rename/mkdir - moving cursor left and right not possible for editing
-  * delete directory - missing rmdir() in SDK (and OS)
+  * (file)info - NOTE timestamps not implemented/correct
+  * disk usage not implemented
+  * delete directory not implemented - missing rmdir() in SDK (and OS)
   * decent/any error messages, messages go to stdout.txt file.
   * support for many files in a directory
-  * scrolling diectory/path names (path names can be too long for screen)