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VORTON: A Highway Encounter Remake


Please read the license file.

GP32: Put gpmm contents on your SMC and run gpmm/vorton.fxe.

Linux/Windows Arguments:
        -sound          Play with sound
        -nosound        Play without sound
        -highsound      Audio at 44100Hz
        -lowsound       Audio at 22050Hz
        -monosound      Mono Audio
        -stereosound    Stereo Audio
        -windowscreen   Windowed Video Mode
        -fullscreen     Fullscreen Video Mode
        -8bits          8  bits color screen
        -16bits         16 bits color screen
        -24bits         24 bits color screen
        -32bits         32 bits color screen

---- Linux COMPILE ----

	SDL, SDL_mixer and SDL_image

Edit and change Makefile.linux and `make -f Makefile.linux`

---- GP32 COMPILE -----

	Toolchain (Linux) enviroment cross compiler and SDL libraries.

Edit and change Makefile.gp32 and `make -f Makefile.gp32`
Copy (GpLink) vorton.fxe on /gpmm and data directory on /gpmm/vorton (rename data directory)

---- Windows COMPILE ----

	CYGWIN(development packages), SDL, SDL_mixer and SDL_image.
Edit and change Makefile.windows and `make -f Makefile.windows`

---- Dreamcast COMPILE----

	KOS and SDL libraries.

Edit and change Makefile.dc and `make -f Makefile.dc`