Lari Huttunen avatar Lari Huttunen committed 17dc3b2

opencollab-multi-resolver: Minor fix for attribution time.

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 # multi-resolver primary objects
 mr_attributes = set(["SOA-REFRESH",


 MR_KEYS = [
-    'ATTRIBUTION', 'BGP-PREFIX', 'CC', 'CNAME', 'ISP', 'MX0', 'MX1',
     'MX10', 'MX100', 'MX1000', 'MX11', 'MX110', 'MX15', 'MX19',
     'MX2', 'MX20', 'MX200', 'MX3', 'MX30', 'MX300', 'MX40',
     'MX400', 'MX42', 'MX5', 'MX50', 'MX60', 'MX69', 'MX90',
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