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What is VSRoom

VSRoom is a toolkit for collecting, aggregating and visualizing data from a number of monitoring systems, to clar ify the issues of critical services.

With VSRoom you can:

  • Retrieve monitoring information from several sources:
  • near-real-time (such as IRC)
  • periodic (such as Email reports), or
  • request/response (such as HTTP).
  • You can then aggregate that information based on different keys, such as critical service types, critical ser vice sectors, issue types (delays, interruptions etc)
  • Visualize the collected data on charts, maps, classification views and more.

VSRoom features include:

  • Fully modular (you can utilize different readers, parsers, transports, splitters, combiners in a pipe-like man ner)
  • Scalable: you can distribute the work to different machines and different geolocations
  • Observable: you can use your favourite XMPP client to observe the bots at work
  • Flexible: you can tailor your visualizations to match your needs.


  • Python 2.5
  • We've worked hard not to introduce any additional dependencies. If your distro does not have python 2.5 yet, you should be able to just compile and install.
  • Ejabberd XMPP server (2.1.5 recommended)
  • Additionally you will need:
  • DNS server for resolving names
  • Apache server for accessing the visualizations


See INSTALL document.