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vsroom / OpenbsdPostInstall

Edit 00-settings.sh in install root to match your needs. In typical case you need only to define bot_passw ord and bot_host. Replace vi with your favorite editor (emacs, pico, nano).

vi 00-settings.sh

Then finalize the installation with following steps:

cd openbsd
sh 20-configure-ejabberd.sh 
sh 30-configure-httpd.sh

When ejabberd & httpd configuration asks questions related to certificate creation, you should answer at least th e following questions:

  • Common Name (eg, fully qualified host name)
  • Email Address
cd  ../common
sh 30-install-vsroom-toolkit-example-bots.sh 
(cd /; ejabberdctl start)     #ejabberdctl will complain if ejabber user does not have access to the current dire
sh 40-configure-vsroom-toolkit-example-credentials.sh   
sh 50-install-vsroom-html5-visualizations.sh  
sh 60-configure-apache-vsroom-directories.sh             
sh 70-enable-translations.sh

Start vsroom bots:

 vsroomctl start                                                                                                 

You may observe bots starting realtime with this command:

tail -f /var/lib/vsroom/production/public-sources/log/run.log                                                    

If something went wrong, check the logs, find a place where the first error occurred and locate the line which se ems the actual error message (python programs will dump tracebacks when they are quitting, so you need to discove r the actual error message).

less /var/lib/vsroom/production/public-sources/log/run.log                                                       

Comment out 'Listen 80' from httpd.conf to disable accidental username & password leaks through plaintext port.

vi /var/www/conf/httpd.conf 

And start Apache:

apachectl start

Create your first username and password for browser-based access:


To start ejabberd and VSRoom bots at boot time, you may insert the following into /etc/rc.local:

if [ -x /usr/local/sbin/ejabberdctl ]; then
    echo -n ' ejabberd';   /usr/local/sbin/ejabberdctl start

if [ -x /usr/local/bin/vsroomctl ]; then
    echo -n ' vsroom bots'; /usr/local/bin/vsroomctl start

Congratulations! You are done.

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