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vsroom / TestingYourInstallation


Point your browser to https://bot_host/vsroom/

  • bot_host is the fully qualified domain name you set in the
  • vsroom is the default install directory. If you customized the VSRoom document root (webroot) in 00-settings , use corresponding directory in your url
  • username and password are the ones you set with vsroompasswd-command.

What should I see?

  • You should be able to log in by giving your username and password only once. If you get anblack box asking you r username and password again and nothing happens, check your php installation. The username and password should be submitted automatically to this requester.
  • After logging in, you should see a number of views, which might be empty after first start. If this is the ca se, wait for awhile while VSRoom bots work and gather information for you. Later you will get up to date situatio n immediately. While the bots are working, you can observe the log messages from bots. You have two options for t his:
  • If you are already familiar with XMPP (Jabber), just configure your chat client to use your freshly installed server and join to multi-user-chat room 'vsr'.
  • Run tail -f /var/lib/vsroom/production/public-sources/log/run.log to see what your bots are reporting.