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The CLARION Project

The Chemical Laboratory Repository In/Organic Notebooks Project is a JISC-funded project to develop a semantically enhanced repository for open chemical research data. The project will develop an embargo management tool that will facilitate the management of research data, making it easier for a scientist to release data to Open access. It is a two-year project (Apr'09-Mar'11).

The project uses a rapid development approach. BitBucket is used for code management and for tracking issues and bugs. Each work-package has its own project-section in BitBucket. This project section is for activities that pertain to all work-packages.

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Mercurial/Hgk Installation Guide

Goals of current development cycle:

Target: 29/3

  • End-to-end demo DONE
  • Read XRay data DONE
  • Chem0,1 reading feeds NOT ACHIEVED
  • Visualisation & linked-data PARTIAL
  • (No search yet)

Development planning meeting 29/3