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Project Management Tool - BitBucket

The project uses the BitBucket Issues Tracker for tracking Actions, Bugs, Issues and Enhancements. Different streams within CLARION are tracked in different sections of the wiki:

Using the Issues Tracking for all these purposes is extending the intended usage of the Issues tracker. Therefore the following rules are adhered to when recording in the Issues Tracking section:

  • Delivery dates (“Version”) should only be changed in the weekly project status meeting
  • The fields in the Issue Tracker should be used as follows:
    • Milestone: = The project stage that the item contributes to
    • Version: = The closing date of the development cycle that this item is delivered in
    • Type:
      • “Proposal” =>
      • “Bug” => An issue (bug) with existing code
      • “Enhancement” => A new issue, action or request
    • State:
      • “New” => A current (ongoing) item
      • “Open” =>
      • “Resolved” => Item closed
      • “Won’t fix” =>