read edf,bdf, edf+, bdf+ files based upon edflib C code using python/cython


adds django management command to use cherrypy's wsgi webserver without needing to install all of cherrypy. Differs from original django-cpserver by being standalone and by incorporating different defaults so as to better match the expectations of a django user. Serves the admin media by default and media and static files.


A collection of shared memory modules for numpy. sharedmem by Sturla Molden and G. Varoquaux and shmarray by David Baddeley which makes it easy to share memory between processes in the form of numpy arrays. Originally posted to scipy-user mailing list.


learning how to use the stm32F103 based maple and it's variants along with usart, spi microcontroller use


programs to help with teaching kindergarten and elementary school skills


The Stockwell transform is a form of time-frequency transform similar to wavelet approaches but with fixed or absolute phases. This code is from the NIH core MEG website. I've added a setup file. It has the C code file and python modules


python library to write axon instruments atf for use as stimulus files with pClamp 10


examples of using P. Peterson's nice python/ctypes interface to the National Instruments DAQmx driver for multifunction data acquisition and digital and analog output products.


fun experiments with drawing for kids and adults. Starting with spirograph-esque pictures


start on some code to control the sutter DG4 fast switching filter/mirror optical device using manual codes and serial interface

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