Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
start on examples directory
updated qwt plot
change name
add thread_queue_qwt.ui
forgot cydaqutils.pxd
add cydaqmx_callbacks stuff
update daqutils and move notes
add qwt ploting using shared memory example
add for utility
add article on compiling a dll on windows using mingw
add linux subdir
merge in changes from linux
forget old nidaqmx.c now just includes
update header to match
add streaming test
export CHK function
working test on linux of daqutils.c streaming acquisition in test_daqutils.c
add python header
Chris Lee-Messer
adapt C lib to linux and put copies of win32 libraries in win32
Chris Lee-Messer
re-organize directories
Chris Lee-Messer
remove some .c files
got daqmxcalls working again with out using Get..DevPrefix function which uses functions not in 8.0
make sure to have own pxd files for stdio and stdlib
made changes to callbacks to make many functions c only
have working test_daqutils.c
got first working version of daqutils test links with dll/winxp/mingw32
have working dll production
commit after merge of linux changes, working on adding stream callbacks stuff
get up to date commit
Chris Lee-Messer
modified to run again on opensuse11, disabled GetTerminalNameDevPrevix
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