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preps for 0.8.0alpha

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 include README.rst
 recursive-include django_wsgiserver *.py
 recursive-include docs *.rst
-recursive-include tests *.py test_* *.html
+recursive-include tests *.py test_* *.html *.js *.css *.txt *.rst
+What's New
+version 0.8.0alpah is updated for django 1.5 and now includes autoreloading of files when then change and integration with django's static files application.
 - small memory footprint
 - by default replaces mimics the django built-in server, serves admin media by
   default for easy testing and deployment. Will serve from STATICFILES_ROOT if it's defined.
+- autoreloads code like the development server by default
 - supports https/ssl to make testing under https easy
 Planned features
 from distutils.core import setup
-# modified version no cherrypy reliance
-    version="0.8.0dev",
+    version="0.8.0alpha",
     description="""django-wsgiserver installs a web server for Django using CherryPy's WSGI server.""",
     author="""Peter Baumgartner Chris Lee-Messer the authors of CherryPy""",
-To run these tests I would like to use something automatic like nose and twill or something
-but for now it's by hand
+testing django-wsgiserver
-I set up a virtualenv with django 1.3 pre installed on it, and then cd to testdjangoproject
+I set up a virtualenv and activate it
-I use pip to make sure the dependencies (django, django-debug-toolbar)
+I use pip to make sure the dependencies (django 1.5, requests)
 are included::
-  pip install -r requirements
+  pip install -r requirements.txt
 To run basic tests::
+  python
+To investigate the project yourself "by hand"::
+  cd testdjangoproject
   python runwsgiserver
 And visit http://locahost:8000/ in a browser
 and vist https://localhost:8443/ in a browser
+and the ajax tests will run assuming that javascript is activated.
+It should look like a bootstrap site if all the css is loaded via the built in static file serving.
-currently test_statics adds to the settings file to put in STATICFILES_ROOT
-The web page shows links to click on.